It's best to keep the competition behind you, so you can watch them in your mirror. Style and chrome won't keep you in the lead, but it's easy to stay ahead if you have the power. Denco Cycle specializes in high-performance service work. Using a wide-variety of Harley Davidson and after market parts, we can give you pack-leading power and dependability too.

If you have a new bike and are considering high performance modifications, the expense can seem pretty daunting. However, if done one step at a time, with our 4 Stage process, these modifications are more affordable.

Stage 1 Kit

One of the most cost effective ways to improve performance is a high flowing air cleaner kit and a set of high performance slip-on mufflers. These parts are also required components of any more serious performance package.

Stage 1 kits starting at: $599.99

Stage 2 Kit

The addition of cams is the next step toward higher performance. Several types of cams are available, and it is important to decide what cams are best suited to your immediate needs and what cams will be needed to achieve your long-term goals. If you can choose cams that will work for both, you will save money in the long run. EFI tuning is required; we recommend Direct Link or Harley-Davidson Race Tuner.

Stage 2 kits starting at: $1749.99

Stage 3 Kit

The next step is to increase the displacement of your engine. The S&S® 97" Big Bore Top End Kit for 1999-’06 88" engines or the 106" Top End Big Bore Kit for 2007-up 96" engines are an easy and cost effective way to do it. Simply replace the stock pistons and cylinders with the S&S 106" Top End Big Bore Kit. No machining or flywheel rebalancing required. Cams, exhaust, and intake components from steps 1 and 2 will work great with the 106" Big Bore Top End Kit. EFI tuning is required; we recommend Direct Link or Harley-Davidson Race Tuner.

Stage 3 kits starting at: $2879.99

Stage 4 Kit

After the displacement of an engine has been increased and high performance intake, exhaust and cams have been installed, the next step is to make the heads flow better. The most economical route is to port your stock heads. The other option is to purchase new cylinder heads. Either way, the increased flow of the intake and exhaust ports will allow you to take advantage of the extra displacement by filling it with more air. EFI tuning is required; we recommend Direct Link or Harley-Davidson Race Tuner.

Stage 4 kits starting at: $4399.99

Be sure to Contact Us for any questions you may have about our performance packages and to find out how to get yours!


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